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Our Product Capabilities

& Our Advantages


Our greatest ability is product innovation. Our goal is to find the white-space at retail to provide convenience to time consuming prep tasks, with flavorful exciting options that can go from frozen to cook or RTE in the shortest amount of time.


Additionally, we provide our retail partners with next level solutions to major category disruptions that go above and beyond.


PMC supports all forms of sustainable fishing, aquaculture, and farming. Shrimp, Fish, Vegetables, and Meals are all available from sources with any desired level of certification in sustainability or organic production.


We provide premium products, made from high quality raw materials. While we offer a variety of popular formats and flavours, we also innovate within new and exciting white-spaces and trends. We can even use proprietary ingredients to make products truly unique.


We have world-class facilities across the globe. This enables us to have access to a vast variety of seafood and crops and provide the best products at the best cost. Sustainable certifications are available (BAP, MSC, ASC). Additionally, we  have unique efficiencies in manual production.


Quality Assurance

All PMC suppliers are vetted by our QA team to ensure GFSI Food Safety qualifications are met, and all shipments are tested for Food Safety and Quality attributes.

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