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For more than 10 years PMC has created Value-add Meal Solutions, Meal Starters, Appetizers, Vegetables and Wet Pet Food for CPG Private Label retailers. 


Our team is made up of CPG retail industry experts that breathe life into product ideas that live on the shelves of major grocery retailers.


Each of us has a specific competency in the Commercialization of a product idea. And collectively we have helped companies expand their value-add offerings with insight-driven strategy and practical innovations.

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We have over 140 SKUs on shelf today

with our Retail partners.

Offshore Advantages

We operate with Offshore Advantages

and a Domestic Mindset

Having Facilities Globally Empowers us to

Be Cost Competitive (for base and innovation)

Have Supply Diversification

Pair product ideas with facility expertise

Access to the widest range of food and varieties

Our Domestic Mindset

ensures that

All our products are created & developed in our Innovation Kitchen

International dishes & flavors are designed for the North American palette

Insight-driven strategy used to recognize white spaces and trends

Experts in North American logistics and expediting product through supply chains to ensure on time deliveries to customers

Innovation Sessions

Innovation Sessions

PMC presents customized Innovation Sessions 1-2 times a year for each of our clients. These sessions are focused on each specific client’s Private Label brand(s) and are grounded in consumer insights and white-space opportunities. As products are selected, our PDs actively collaborate with our client PDs to perfect the product profiles.


The greatest benefit to our Innovation Sessions is helping our clients’ grow their product offerings in a manner relevant to their consumers’ needs.

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